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Essentials for Surfing in the UK in May

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Essentials for Surfing in the UK in May

Ok, so at the risk of sounding like a stuck record and a mediocre one at that, the weather actually is starting to warm up, making life all that more sweeter and giving us more time to enjoy Mother Nature outside of the daily grind.

We're now into May and with more bank holidays that you can shake a sovereign's sceptre at, there is plenty of time to get outdoors, get to the beach, enjoy the sea and ease into a long hot summer. 

Here are some top picks from our store - we've done the searching so you don't have to:


There's nothing quite like the feeling of pulling on your summer suit after a restricted winter season clad head to toe in 5mm of neoprene. Now's the time to upgrade your suit and your comfort



Vissla 7 Seas 3x2mm Boys Back Zip Full Suit - jade


Vissla 7 Seas 4-3 Raditude Full Chest Zip - black 2


Vissla 7 seas 3x2 Raditude chest zip wetsuit - black 2


Vissla Easy Seas Boys 3-2 Full Flatlock Back Zip


Vissla 7 SEAS Comp 4-3 Chest Zip Full Suit -Rust


Vissla 7 Seas Raditude 4-3 Full Chest Zip Wetsuit - black 3



You wouldn't put rubbish tyres on a Ferrari, so don't skimp on your fins. Making all the difference to your session good fins = great surfs. Along with a strong leash, grippy tail pads and tacky wax you can enjoy your time in the water without worrying about your equipment. 



New lines from Roark, Hoy, Outerknown and more have landed at Wavelength and with them. Here's a few of our favourite pieces 




Roark Layover 2.0 Stretch Travel Pant - Dark Khaki


Hoy Wabi-sabi Wave Wranglers Organic T-shirt - Vintage White


Roark Well Worn Sandbar Jacquard Organic Knit Top - Bone


Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt - Bay Leaf


Roark Bless Up Breathable Stretch Shirt - Jungle Green Print


Roark Tamaroa Bucket Hat - Grey





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